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Amongst all auto parts, headlight has been regulated by almost all states. The earliest transition from flame based to electric lights led to the following problems: -intensity of the light -focusing of the light

The intensity of the light increased after filaments were used in electric auto headlight assembly. There was no regulation of the make and type of filament to be used. This was sought to be remedied by Massachusetts in 1915 when the first lighting regulation was adopted in America. The basic parameter upon which lighting was to be judged was when light was not sufficient to illuminate objects 150 feet away on the highway. In such conditions, the auto headlight was required to illuminate early objects situated within the specified distance.

The concern that lighting will affect other drivers was evident from the additional rule that stated that the light rays should not rise above 3.5 feet and should not stretch beyond 50 feet in front of the vehicle and 10 feet on each side to a distance of 10 feet in front of the vehicle. The elaborate lighting regulation forms the basis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's regulations even today.

The 1915 regulations was followed by standards set by the joint sitting of The Illuminating Engineering Society and The Society of Automotive Engineers. The specs for the bulbs used in automobiles were laid down.

Massachusetts holds the distinction of performing the first documented study of auto head light performance as well. This was done in 1920.030 head lamps were collected and tested in labs. Road tests were also done and the performance in labs was compared with the performance of the lights on the road.

All these measures, even though done a lot time ago, have been very useful in tackling one of the most fundamental problems with auto lighting- glare in the eyes of the person coming from the other side. There have been many instances where drivers crashed into the car in front of them or stopped the car so hard that the car coming behind them due to the glare from auto headlight assembly.

Some glare elimination methods that were used in the past include tilting lenses that would help the driver manually focus the light. However, these tactics never worked because it invariably distracted the driver and increased risk of accidents. Further, allowing the driver to make these changes brought in the skill factor. Some drivers can identify their light requirements while others prefer to err on the side of caution.

As on date, there is no way an ordinary car driver can understand all the regulations, the technicalities and the various options available in the market as far as car lighting is concerned. The best option is to let the manufacturer or the seller take care of these points. Just get the products from reputed stores that will serve you long enough and give you good value for money. Get the auto headlight assembly installed by a professional mechanic to ensure the installation does not spoil or mar illumination. Get great deals on aftermarket auto headlights and auto headlight repair kits online at products.
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